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Tahitian Pearl Adjustable Ring

Tahitian Pearl Adjustable Ring

Tahitian Pearl | Tahitian Pearl Ring | Adjustable Ring | Sterling Silver Ring | National Pearl Ring | 10-11mm Genuine Tahitian Pearl Ring | Handmade Jewelry | Wedding Jewelry


💎 Tahitian Pearl Ring 💎


❤️ All of them are natural pearls, so the sizes and shapes are all different, pearl sizes regularly reach 10-11mm, and even bigger than that.  If you have any questions please contact us, thank you! ❤️


      Pearl: Natural Tahitian Pearl

      Metal: Sterling Silver

      Gem: Cubic Zirconia


      High quality

      90 day return 

      Made in the USA


❤️Hypoallergenic, Lead-Free & Nickel-Free

     100% safe for sensitive skin.





All orders will be delivered in a nice package(with a small gift inside)





Every piece you buy offers a free 365 days warranty protecting against any defect resulting from its manufacture, wear, tear or damage. We also provide paid service after completion of the warranty. You can send us an email or can send a message on Etsy 24/7 for any service required thereafter.




Please use a fine, microfiber, or gemstone polishing cloth to clean your jewelry. Don't use any chemical agents, ultrasonic cleaners, or any other cleaning agents for cleaning the jewelry. We recommended removing jewelry before participating in any activities that may be considered abrasive to jewelry. Like: showering, swimming, gardening, dishes, etc. Refrain from exposing your jewelry to extreme temperature environments, hot or cold. Refrain from storing your jewelry in extremely dry or extreme moisture environments for long periods of time. These care tips will keep your jewelry look beautiful for a lifetime.



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💙Free SHIPPING within the United States 💙





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